Keeping your garden or area from dogs could be a good idea to make sure that it’s safe from the pee or the poo of the dogs and other pets. It is not only about keeping the area safe from animals but also keeping your pets from possible dangers that may happen to them like eating the fertilizer in there. Giving your garden or spot a North Shore fence would be a nice idea to get away the pets of yours from going to the certain that you care there. This will prevent them from destroying and eating your vegetables in the garden or digging the soil in the ground and play with the other dogs or animals around there.  

Here are some secured things that you could actually do on your own to help your garden from the pets that you have and the things you need to do.   

Having a good fence and the right height would give you a better way to secure the garden and to make sure that the dogs and cats would not go. We all know that dogs have the ability to jump so it is wonderful if you could make it a bit higher so that they would have a hard time. Avoid having the chain kind of fence as there are some smart dogs that they could actually climb up through that chain type of fence that you have in there. Of course, the same thing with what you need to the ground as they might dig there just to go across to the next part of the property lot there.  

There are some house owner and pet lovers that they would try to make the place not visible to the dogs like they would make a fence with wall plants. In this way, it would not give them the idea that you are having a fence instead they would see and smell the grass and the plants on the wall. You need to lock as well the gate of the fence so that they could not go inside or push the gate as something heavy and big dogs could move. Choose the plants that are not too dangerous for your dogs like cactus as sometimes some of the cactus could have poisons on their torn or spines on the surface.  

Of course, even if you say that you have the fence to keep the dogs away, still it is very important that you would make the garden always safe there. In this way, you need to stop growing those poisonous plants as some dogs might be very curious and they would try to bite or eat the plants in there. Don’t put anywhere your gardening tools as you need to keep them in an area that’s too hard for the kids and the pets to reach to avoid biting it. You could train your dogs as well to keep away from the soil or to avoid going to the plants in your lot.