About Cedar

Cedar plays a key role in bridging the gap between discovery of cutting-edge advancements in health technologies and their real-world implementation in the clinic and in policy through best research. Cedar values its involvement in personalized medicine research and understands deeply the changing landscapes of the health care industry.

Our Values

We are committed to solving our clients’ problems with the utmost scientific and professional integrity. Our long-standing relationships and repeat business with leading organizations demonstrate a level of reliability and performance that earns and justifies trust. Reputation and credibility matter, Cedar is widely published and broadly recognized as a leader in the industry.

Our Approach

We devise and implement customized evidence based strategies, tailored to fit the unique needs of the product and the client. We offer a combination of academic, commercial, and best suited clinical and policy environment tool sets. This unique perspective allows us to create innovative analytical approaches to translate a product’s value messages from the clinical to the commercial.

Our Team

Our structure and processes offer unprecedented and substantial flexibility in putting together a top-notch project team. The firm size allows for high-level involvement at both pre- and post-launch of the product. Our staff consists of highly educated and enthusiastic people who want to make a difference and are here to learn, adapt, and get the best out of team-effort.

Our Network

Cedar is a physician-lead research company with a wide network of industry collaborators, key opinion leaders, and organizations that provide an invaluable and expanded tool set of varied expertise.